A Bright Spot on a Rainy Day #SOL22 Day 18

The forcast looked like rain the whole day. We had a decision to make. Pack up and head home a day early, or stick it out and hope for a bit of dry weather.

We chose to stay. Even if it rained all day, we had books to read, basketball to watch, and computers to connect us to the school week ahead.

We lucked out with a few rain free hours in the morning to be outside. Walking, hot tubbing, and reading in the wind and clouds. I was scrolling Twitter with my headphones in preparing to listen to a podcast when I came across this tweet.

For the last two years, listening to Penny and Kelly has been a bright spot in my spring. They talk everything reading and writing throughout 30 conversations together. Sometimes they have guests, sometimes they let us take a peek into their notebooks, and sometimes they share what they are reading. Their conversations are always so rich; so relevant and so meaningful. I feel uplifted and hopeful after listening to them.

I immediately clicked on the padlet link and the YouTube video. After listening, I quickly added two books to my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads. I imagine I’ll be adding many more over the next 29 conversations.

6 thoughts on “A Bright Spot on a Rainy Day #SOL22 Day 18

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Padlet. Gallager and Kittle got me through some of the darkest days of the pandemic. Grateful I swung by to read your blog today.

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  2. Thank you!!! I just watched the March 18 censorship conversation with Carol Jago. I’m so glad you recommended this and reminded me of this. I’m teaching a class using 180 Days by Kelly and Penny, and I’ll probably include this when we discuss book banning. I liked the scene you created and I’m glad you chose staying.

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    1. Are you a professor? I love the Book 180 days. I am in an elementary setting, and we have adapted some of the ideas. I really love the way they emphasize living literate lives as a foundation to teaching others. So glad you found the link helpful!


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