A Slicer Party #SOL22 Day 17

On March 12th, Leigh Anne Eck invited us all to a “Slicer Party.” If you lost your invitation, here it is. You have until March 31st to join, so don’t delay.

At the end of a long dusty road is our writing cabin. It is tucked into the woods surrounded by mountains with a gurgling stream at the edge of the property. There are rocking chairs on the porch that invite you to sit, think, and compose while gazing at the beauty of nature all around.

I’ve packed my favorite tools for this retreat–my moleskin notebook (actually several), my Papermate 0.7mm mechanical pencils, and some lead refills. I have my Dell Chromebook ready to transfer some pieces crafted on smooth lined paper into my blog to share with others.

I will have an ample supply of Starbucks Pike Place ground coffee (not K cups–but that’s a different story), my Ninja coffeemaker, and some half and half. My mornings will start with two cups of coffee sipped slowly as my thoughts simmer. My afternoons will contain another cup of coffee along with a sweet pastry item like a blueberry muffin or a lemon loaf. Fuel for my writing.

I will be inspired by Mary Oliver’s words: Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

I hope you’ll join me!

5 thoughts on “A Slicer Party #SOL22 Day 17

  1. Love the Mary Oliver quote, one of my faves! I’m so glad you referenced Leigh Anne’s invite. I think some people may have thought we were going to a real retreat. I like that you’re planning to transfer some of your writing to your blog. Great idea! See you at the cabin!

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  2. I’ll join you and Leigh Anne when my right eye heals from cataract surgery. I am glad that you bring a Mary Oliver quote and a beautiful destination. My post is even later than yours. See you at the party.


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