Dear Notebook, #SOL22 Day 28

Dear Notebook,

The end is in sight. Four more days. Four more. We can do this.

I’ve missed you this month, dear Moleskin. Your ivory colored, thick lined paper. The way the my Papermate 0.7mm pencil glides across your smooth page. The flipping and turning to read snippets from past entries.

The calm I feel after sharing my soul with you. My thoughts on the page and out of my head. The unconditional acceptance you give me. No matter what, you’ve got my back.

I even snuck back to you a few days this month to brainstorm some Slice of Life ideas. But, shhh…don’t tell my hp Chromebook. I’m sure there would be hard feelings. It’s just not the same. Tapping the keys vs. flowing the pencil across the page. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t think he would understand.

When I return to you on Friday it will be glorious! Hang tight! Four more days. We’ve got this!

10 thoughts on “Dear Notebook, #SOL22 Day 28

  1. I bet you have many insights about the differences between writing in a notebook versus writing digitally. I’ve thought about using a notebook one year and snapping pictures of daily handwritten slices. I may still do that one day…

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  2. I love this! Last year almost all my slices were photos from my notebook- this year mostly not. My notebook has missed my attention, but I have dabbled in it each day too. I look forward to more notebook time too!

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  3. There is a definite difference between writing on paper and on the computer. I tend to revise better using the latter, think more openly with the former. I did notice some Slicers using their notebook writing and posting pictures for their Slices–that might be an idea for you in the future!

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  4. I had been neglecting my notebook for months before this challenge, and I’ve remembered how much I love it and gotten back to writing in it. But it’s hard to find the time and energy right now with all the other writing I’m doing on the computer. I am also looking forward to exchanging my morning typing time for morning writing time in my notebook!

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