The Sock Puppet Snafu #SOL21

Elementary Education Art

My daughter, Gretchen, is in her junior year of college at Indiana University. She is majoring in elementary education and special education. She is currently enrolled in her elementary art class. Who remembers that?? I sure do…a paper mache rabbit, clay face, stamping. Recently she was home for the weekend and working on creating a puppet for an assignment. When students presented their puppet, it needed to have some sort of speech. I was excited to “help” with her creation!

I think I’m just going to use a sock and make a bird.

Ooh, sounds perfect! Maybe the bird could recite a spring poem.

Gretchen finds an old sock and cuts a hole for the mouth.

Do we have any yellow construction paper?

Yes, check the den. It’s on the tray where I keep the printer paper.

Let’s head to the basement and look through the tubs with crafting supplies.

A treasure awaits us…googly eyes, yarn, hot glue gun, even some raffia that could make a “nest.”

We work together. I am in charge of hot glue dots while Gretchen applies the various parts to her bird. The masterpiece was finished!

What poem should I choose?

Maybe the one about hope by Emily Dickinson.

Oh, yes! That’s perfect!

After a few trial runs, Gretchen is ready for the zoom presentation the next day.

Then next day, during Gretchen’ class, I started receiving text messages:

There was a moment of panic, but all ended up well! It was fun to create with her. I’m looking forward to future lesson planning and sharing ideas with this new teacher ❤️

10 thoughts on “The Sock Puppet Snafu #SOL21

  1. I love this! I was there, with you, doing the project alongside you. Excellent description. Personally, you’ve inspired me to pull out my watercolors. For a rainy day such as this, it’s a good day to experiment with color! Thanks so much for sharing this Slice!

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  2. I like the creativity involved in making a special sock puppet and your memories of kindergarten art. (I can remember only drawing with colorful crayons back then.) Also, the text conversation you had with your daughter is interesting; originality can be fraught with doubt, but it is obviously worthwhile.

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  3. There is something so magical about elem. art. I LOVE that she paired it with a poem. It makes me think that I could do something similar for my son’s “at-home” situation (he’s 5). I like to do paints/coloring, but sock puppet who reads poetry sounds like something he would love to do. Thank you for sharing!

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