8 thoughts on “Tears #SOL21

  1. The children do it to me every time. When I hear children’s voices singing hymns, the tears fall. Memories of the days when my own children were a part of the service. None of my children have kept a church going tradition and it saddens me. Your daughter is on a good path. You see the difficulties and are powerless to help. But believe me your presence is everything.

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  2. Reading your slice made me tear up! I am in the midst of my little kids, but I so love seeing the magic through their eyes and know it will go fast. But I cry at school too anytime there are children singing at a concert (obviously not this year), but their innocence and sweetness always chokes me up. Good luck to your daughter on her next adventures.

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  3. You have such a way with words, putting emotions into each paragraph, bringing us into your space in ways that are not easily done. You know when you close a book and hug it because you feel moved to do so? That’s what this post did for me. So well done.

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