Home SOL#21

We returned home today after an 11 day trip to the Florida Keys. Our car racked up over 2,500 miles. Lots of sitting and driving in hopes of the perfect senior spring break for our son. The trip was a memorable adventure that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

But, now we are home. Home. That word makes my heart slow down. Invokes a picture of warmth and comfort. As much as I loved our trip and our time together, I am thrilled to be home.

Here are a few of the things I happy to return to:

  • my well worn spot on the couch with my end table at the exact height for me
  • afternoon coffee in the front room with the sunlight warming the air
  • Josie (my dog) lying next to me, snuggled up to my leg
  • my comfy blanket to cover my legs
  • the knowledge of where everything is in my kitchen
  • the ease of cooking with a gas vs electric stove
  • the familiar feel of my shower, water pressure, towels
  • my seat at the bar for dinner
  • the just right lighting in my backroom
  • our after dinner walk around the block with Josie
  • and soon, the just right firmness of my bed

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Home SOL#21

  1. Jill, your writing resonated so much. I too crafted a blog about home today after my first travel experience since the pandemic began. I love that your list included comfortable blankets and just right lighting. Travel is glorious, but home is safe, predictable, and warm.

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