My Kind of People #SOL21

I do it every time. Driving past, I peer into the driver’s side as they pass. A parked car, I look around for evidence. Checking to see if they follow suit with my expectation. And usually, the answer is yes. If you own a Subaru, you are my kind of people.

I’ve never been much of a car person. In fact, cars actually annoy me more than they interest me. Loud, obnoxious cars: noise pollution. Racy, shiny sports cars: waste of money. Big, overpowering trucks: highway bullies. And don’t get me started on cars or trucks that blow black, poisonous smoke. My main objective with a car–take me where I need to go safely and cost effectively.

And that’s where my Subaru fits in. I currently own my second Subaru Outback. My first one was a used, white 1999 that served me well for many years. Running errands, transporting toddlers, then preschoolers around, taking the dog for a hike. But, eventually our family needed a car with three rows of seats to accommodate friends and trips. When I traded my first Subaru in, I knew it would not be my last.

Fast forward a decade, and I now have my next Subaru Outback. The kids were older, and they were driving themselves. We were ready to be done with the larger, family vehicle. As we began looking for our next car, I knew I wanted another Outback. The rates were so good, we decided to purchase a brand new one; the first new car I’ve ever had.

Here’s where my experiment begins. I have found that most other Subaru drivers I encounter have many of the same characteristics. We are earth loving, enjoy being active, kind, thoughtful souls, creative people, and usually dog owning. Recently, my predictions have been correct.

  • I was leaving a weekend yoga class and chatting with a fellow yogi. As we left the studio, I saw her head towards a Subaru Outback. Check: enjoy being active
  • Running in a nearby neighborhood, I spotted two Subaru Outbacks parked in the driveway. Next to them were raised garden beds. Check: earth loving
  • Recently, I was listening to a livestream Indigo Girls concert, and Emily told a story about a drummer she met while getting her Subaru worked on. Check: creative people

To all my fellow Subaru owners…you’re my kind of people 💚💙

A recent mailing from Subaru. This could have been me 25 years ago, but my body’s a little too old for this type of camping now.
I write along with the Two Writing Teachers every Tuesday for the Slice of Life Challenge.