Laughing in the Rain #SOL

The rain came down heavy. I could do nothing but squint my eyes, pedal harder, and laugh. “Now you’ll have something to write about in your journal tomorrow,” Tim joked. Oh, but sooo true. These are the stolen moments that make for a perfect slice of life– Getting caught in a summer downpour on a bike ride back from Dairy Queen.

It was a light dinner of chicken drumsticks on the grill, corn, and salad. You know what always comes after light dinners…ice cream! I sheepishly suggested it, “I would go on a bike ride to Dairy Queen later.” Tim never, I mean never, turns down ice cream.

We got on our bikes around 8:00. The sky looked dark, but the weather app said the rain wasn’t coming until 9:30ish. We left the Jeep and Subaru in the driveway with top off and sunroof open. “Should we pull the cars in the garage?” Tim questioned. “Nah,” I replied.

The bike ride downtown was pretty uneventful. The skies looks ominous, but we trusted the weather app. At one point we almost turned back to have ice cream at home, but decided to risk it.

DQ was abuzz with people. A softball team, kids and parents, people everywhere. We sat low to the ground on two parking blocks, the concrete stop at the head of a parking space, because every seat was taken. We enjoyed our ice cream (Thin Mint Blizzard for Tim, Hot Fudge Sundae with nuts for me) and people watched.

We felt the first drop of rain when we were no more than a block into our 25 block bike ride home. By the time we reached 7th Street, it was a downpour. I stayed to the right riding under trees hanging over the street for a bit of reprieve from the rain. We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. We took a risk for ice cream. Was it worth it? You bet!