Silver Linings #sol20

I’m writing my first phone post using the WordPress app due to the fact that my internet is down at the moment. It’s ironic that I sat down to write a post about the silver linings during this challenging time, and I have to deal with the frustration of my internet not working. But even that won’t damped my spirits.

I’m looking for silver linings (I think I heard that phrase from Kelly Gallagher). And I keep finding them. The last two days have been particularly full of them.

  • Last night, I heard the dishes clanging in the kitchen. My son without prompting was unloading the dish washer. I can’t tell you the last time this happened, if ever. I yelled, “Is this one if your elearning assignments?” “Nope,” he replied.
  • My husband and I started watching our first ever Netflix show. We watched the first episode last night. Today we’ve already talked about watching another episode later. It’s fun to have something new to do together.
  • A colleague introduced me to the Marco Polo app. I have connected with high school friends, my mother in law, a friend’s mom who is out of state, and more. It has warmed my heart to see their faces and hear their video messages.
  • My daughter has organized themed google hangouts with her college friends she is missing. Tonight is western night and she came down in her plain shirt and cowboy hat ready for her virtual party.

Silver linings are everywhere if we stop to notice. I don’t ever want to downplay the tragedy of this virus, the many families that are losing loved ones, the financial hardships many are enduring. But, I do think there are many things about our world that are changing for the better. And I need to hold on to that right now.

Gratitude Countdown #sol20

It is hard to not get caught up in negativity with our current health crisis. I find fear rising up in me, difficulty focusing my thoughts, and a heightened frustration level. I came across some resources from the Calm App. One I found beneficial was their Gratitude Toolkit. Today I’m going to try the Gratitude Countdown, so here goes:

10 The comfort of my morning spot. I settle in the chaise part of the sofa with a furry blanket wrapped around my legs and my dog by my side.

9 My first cup of coffee. The perfect blend of Starbucks Pike Place and half and half. It is so satisfying and warms my soul.

8 Fresh fruit. Nature’s perfect gift of sweetness.

7 My breath. The calming effect of a deep breath in and a long exhale out.

6 My mom. She got me fresh eggs and milk and even baked me a coffee cake. You are never to old to need your mom.

5 A bright red cardinal. Their bold feathers against the grey of winter is stunning. I always stop and take notice of these beautiful birds and feel they are a special gift when I see one.

4 A long walk through the park. Even though the day is grey, I bundle up in my winter coat, hat, and gloves and plug into a podcast I’ve been waiting to list to. So freeing.

3 My school colleagues. I work with the absolute best people. The things they are doing to connect with their kids and the concern they have for their families is inspiring.

2 Hudson’s smile. My great nephew’s smile brightens my day. I saw a video of him today it brought me joy. I just wanted to reach out and touch him.

1 Technology. Technology is allowing us to connect in so many ways right now. I feel so fortunate for this. So grateful to those who are supporting this and providing resources for free.