So, What’s Next? #SOL21

31 days later, and I’m still here writing! This is my 2nd year participating in the Slice of Life challenge. I must say, it is even more rewarding this year, than last year. I knew what to expect, what it was going to take, and even employed some new strategies to help me be successful. I am proud of myself, not only for growing as a writer this month, but also for learning new things from fellow slicers, and become an all around better human.

So, what’s next you ask?

Keep writing! Since November of 2019, I’ve made a commitment to writing. I’ve written almost everyday. I rise early at 5 am, have my quiet time followed by my writing time. A cup of coffee with each one. This is my favorite time of the day. I will continue this practice. It starts my day off right and sets me up for success.

Visit Two Writing Teachers every Tuesday Slicing isn’t over! Last year, I sporadically participated in the Tuesday challenge. This year, I want to keep the momentum going.

Revision work I hope to improve my revision process on my slices. One strategy I employed at the beginning of the challenge was to write my slice the day before, let it simmer in my mind throughout the day, and then revise and publish it the next morning. This practice led to better writing. My goal will be to flesh out my first draft of my Tuesday slice on Monday morning, continue to think about it, rework words, add ideas, and be ready to publish on Tuesday.

Revisit the March challenge My reading and commenting on the SOL challenge barely touched the surface of the exemplary writing that was posted this month. I hope to go back to many of the days and read more pieces and comment to others.

Encourage others to write with me I shared this challenge with my staff this year. No one joined me, but I planted the seed. I hope to provide opportunities for us to write together and ways that we can share our writing with each other.

Feedback Giving and receiving feedback is such an important part of this challenge. I know I would eagerly check my comments throughout the day to see who read my post and what they thought of it. That reminds me of our students. When they write, they need feedback! And the sooner the better. I have a goal to provide quicker feedback with students, and for that feedback to contain a lot of positives.

In the last 31 days, I’ve become a better writer, a better teacher of writing, and a better human. It’s #whyiwrite. Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for organizing this challenge! I’ll see you on Tuesdays!


My Vision Board #SOL21

As the music played softly (lowfi hip hop radio on youtube) several of us thumbed through magazines looking for words, phrases, images to cut out. Tables with poster board, washi tape, scissors, pretty scrapbook paper, glue sticks, and stacks of magazines surrounded us.

We were looking for inspiration. Visual beauty that captured our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2021. Some of us had our one word in mind. Others had their 21 for 2021 list next to them, matching their desires for the year with pictures and words. Some just being led by their hearts and what felt right.

Mostly working in silence, except for the tearing of paper or soft beat of the music, we were alone in our thoughts, yet feeling the support of a community of creators working toward a common goal. Every once in a while, someone would break the silence…“Does anyone need the word hope?” “Ooh, look at this amazing picture of the sunrise!”

My vision board hangs above my desk at school. A work in progress that I will add to as the year progresses, and I continue find inspiration around me. When I look at it, I see my hopes and purposes for the year. A tangible reminder of what I hold in my heart.