The Seasons of North Christian Church: Spring #SOL21

your grandeur is unmatched
vast all-embracing roof to shelter those inside
tall reaching spire that touches the heavens
our eyes reach upward
a direct line to God
lines, angles, symmetry
everything in its place

The first to arrive are the daffodils
announcing spring is here
perky and fresh, dewy and delicate
you skirt the majestic meeting place
with a canary smile

Tulip trees trumpet
(in case you missed it)
spring is surely here
soft pink petals adorn the trees
only to fall in a cascade of perfume
a carpet of silk leaves
cushion the magical fairy garden

two reminders that the next lap begins
a hand off of bitter days 
in exchange for glimpses of warmth
an emergence of new growth for the earth
and the soul 

Mother Nature

I take the same picture every year. We have lived in our current house for almost 13 years, and I have close to that many pictures of this scene. The blooming Magnolia trees on our block. I watch them closely, from no bud, to bud, to partially opened bud, to partially flowering, to flowering, to petals falling, to gone. This is the focus of my daily walk from mid March through early April. Checking in on the Magnolia trees. I’ve always looked forward to these trees blooming and found particular joy in watching them, but this year it seems extra important.

I need the stability of things in nature right now. I find strength in noting things that haven’t changed. The sunrise, the singing birds, the green coming forth from the earth, the blooming magnolias. In this time of uncertainty, Mother Nature reminds me to stay calm, to stay steady, to find strength in the rhythm of nature.

Our Daily Walk #sol20

Part of my blessed block is the route I take Josie on for our daily walks. The sidewalk that surrounds a piece of my neighborhood makes a perfect 1/4 mile rectangle. Just the right amount of space for a 15 minute jaunt to get some steps after dinner and give the dog some space to sniff, relieve herself, and stretch her rigid, aging legs. I try appreciate my surrounds every time we go on our outing.

Part of my block contains a piece of history. A National Historic Landmark. A work of design that people travel across many states to stand and see and photograph. I get to admire this structure everyday, in different shades of sunlight, moonlight, and cloud formation. With a spire that reaches to the heavens, it is breathtaking. I remind myself, Don’t take this view for granted. I often take pictures of this architecture to capture it’s beauty with the setting sun as a backdrop. But then I remember, I’ll get to see it again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the next tomorrow. It is a consistent piece of my daily walk, one I feel blessed to view everyday.