Things I Know by Heart #SOL

My poem today is inspired by Emily Yamasaki’s post Core Memories on Ethical ELA’s #verselove April poetry writing challenge.

the exact spot you turn, turn, and plop into the crook of my legs in bed
the sound of Bubba's horn from across the lake
the time needed to boil the sugar, cocoa, milk and butter to the perfect consistency
the exact location where scar tissue replaces a lump
the eight digits pressed in order to reach you
the feel of the worn three panel leather ball resting in my hand
the sound of my father's whistle in a crowd
the boards that creak as I sneak out of your room
the woody scent of your cologne
the place between your ear and nose where I nuzzle you for a furry kiss
the blended sequence of breath and movement in a chaturanga
the harsh words spoken to me 40 years ago, 28 years ago, 3 years ago

10 thoughts on “Things I Know by Heart #SOL

  1. I love this prompt. I dabble in that write-up but all of those comments overwhelm me sometimes. Your list of memories has such imagery and has me wanting to know more of the stories behind them. Nicely done.


  2. Your poem
    Explored conflicting and
    Varied emotions.
    Your first line resonated with me and brought forgotten memories rushing back. Thank you for sharing both your inspiration and your response.


  3. Jill, I love your poem from the day of Emily’s prompt! What a beautiful list you have created here. I especially love the sound of Bubba’s horn from across the lake. You know when he’s approaching, and that is a welcome sound.

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  4. Hi, Jill. You’ve chocked so much into this poem and, like Leigh Ann, I’m thirsty for me. This format is new to me and I hope to try it. I check out verselove last week, but haven’t returned. You’ve persuaded me to do so. Thanks.


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