#bookmail #SOL22 Day 30

it's the best kind of mail

as you walk up the driveway
you spot it
a box at the door

this is an unexpected package
you order a lot of #bookmail
but don't recall a recent
buy now, instant purchase
(they make it so easy, too easy)

scissors in position
you point the blade into the black tape
pull the sharp point down the seam
such a satisfying motion and sound
next the two short sides

you bend the edges back to peer at the contents
the translucent air bubbles guard your view
the shadow of a book below

removing the barrier
it appears

today's #bookmail is a sweet surprise
a book celebrating is debut in the world
This is a School by John Schu and Veronica Miller Jamison
the results of a Twitter giveaway

a smile beams from your face
you open the cover and begin to read
a lovely story of a school community
this is one to be savored
one to be read over and over
year after year

it's the best kind of mail
It’s not everyday you receive #bookmail from THE Mr. Schu!!

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