Yoga Lingo #SOL22 Day 26

I am participating in a training course called Breathe for Change. This 200 hour PD will equip me to teach yoga, meditation, and Social Emotional Learning to teachers and students.

My home yoga studio

I have been drawn to yoga for many reasons: the calm it brings, the centering and focus, the strength, and the words.

I find that yogis are masters of word choice. They can find the right combination of words to help you feel grounded, to reduce stress, and to bring intention into your practice.

Today was a training day. I was online from 12-6 (with breaks) to learn more yoga, share in breakout rooms, and grow with my community group.

Training days involve lots of tech and several notebooks

I took a special notice of the words that were used today in the asana portion:

  • Grow your roots down
  • Feel your foundation
  • Gather all your energy
  • Push the earth away
  • Grow out in all directions
  • Pause and feel
  • Plants seeds
  • Allow change over time
  • Accept and honor the gift of this practice

As I gather these nuggets of wisdom from others’ practice, I look forward to incorporating my own words and using the rhythm of my language to help others experience the gift of yoga.

6 thoughts on “Yoga Lingo #SOL22 Day 26

  1. Good for you. Yoga does not work for me as my mind wanders and my body wanders as well! YET, i am sure it is the source of strength and power for most!


  2. This is so wonderful for you. I am writing all of those little nuggets of wisdom down in my notebook and I will post them on my office wall… Your words will be daily reminders to find the calm and peace of each day. Kudos on this new endeavor! I am really excited for you!!


    1. I think the language of yoga is one of the things that draws me to it. The words are so powerful! I love physical activity and words, and it’s kind of a combination of the two! As always, thank you for reading. I always love to hear your thoughts!


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