My Happy Place #SOL22 Day 25

the invitation came after breakfast
coffee date after school?
a proposition I rarely turn down

a perfect parking spot found
one block from our favorite downtown coffee shop
a quick chilly and misty walk

the hand lettered chalkboard menu
with many options, but
I always stick with my love 
a rich, creamy latte 
in a "real" cup and saucer
with the signature seafoam Lucabe color

just enough left on our gift card
the tall table we favor open
settled in for an hour of
sipping and reading

easing into the weekend

11 thoughts on “My Happy Place #SOL22 Day 25

  1. What a beautiful, descriptive slice! I felt like I was there with you-that latte and that cup!! I’m in love. The decadence of an hour of reading and sipping-I’m inspired to start a weekend like this soon! Lovely slice!


    1. Ha! Glad you loved that line. Before I wrote the poem, I brainstorm a list of phrases to describe the trip to the coffee shop. I was so happy when I found the gift card in my purse and it had just the right amount. That’s always a bonus!


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