Rain [Magnetic Poetry] #SOL22 Day 23

Thank you to Abigail Lund for her magnetic poetry inspiration.

We have endured two days of rain and have more in the forecast for tonight.

rain falls with no end in sight
but you say, it helps the grass grow

wet shoes, wet pants, wet bag, wet hair
but you say, this too shall pass

clouds hang overhead with no hint of brightness
but you say, there is sunshine in your heart

the wind is wicked and ruthless and angry
but you say, gentle days are ahead

the cycle of spring involves extremes
one can't exist without the other
one causes you to appreciate the other

2 thoughts on “Rain [Magnetic Poetry] #SOL22 Day 23

  1. Jill, I do enjoy magnetic poetry and introduced it to teachers during several professional development sessions I led. The last stanza resonates with me. I like the contrasts you present and the use of the word appreciate.

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