Spring is Here #SOL22 Day 20

On my morning run, I stopped to notice several reminders that spring is here.

Snow Drops

You are always the first to bloom, emerging from the damp, left behind leaves. So dainty and tender, you invite us to stop and notice spring is here.

Blue Siberian Squill

You push through the damp cold earth, filling the space with bluish purple beauty. A signal of new life. Sweet and simple, you decorate the grass with your cheery blooms.

Star Magnolia

Year after year, I await your blooms indicating the long winter is behind us. Your pure white blossoms come out just in time to lead the way for the yellow daffodils that will follow soon.

2 thoughts on “Spring is Here #SOL22 Day 20

  1. We are starting to see some signs of spring here, too. My star magnolia popped out this week, too, and was the subject of a poem this week.


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