Yoga on the Beach #SOL22 Day 14

I pedaled faster. I didn’t realized it would take this long to get to the location for beach yoga. The yoga mat in my cross body bag bounced up and down as my leg pushed down on the pedals. Finally, I arrived. I rode up and down the boardwalk, but didn’t see anyone set up for yoga. Carrying my bike down the stairs, I parked it in the area where the yoga class was held two years ago, right before the world shut down.

As I walked around, I came across a middle aged mother with her teenage daughter. “Are you looking for the yoga class?” I asked. They nodded their heads explaining they had never been before but were excited to try it. An older woman, aged by the sun, came out from a picnic bench. “Are you lost?” she questioned. I spelled out the situation to her. She had not been in the area lately and wasn’t sure if they were still doing beach yoga. “You both know how to do it, right? she questioned. “Why don’t you just do it together?”

My heart skipped a beat. I am currently going through yoga teacher training. Our instructors are constantly encouraging us to find some willing participants and practice our cuing. This would be the perfect opportunity to practice what I’ve learned so far. I offered to the mother and her daughter that I would be willing to share what I was learning with them and run through a yoga sequence together. They were both eager. We introduced ourselves and headed out to the beach.

We carried our towels out into the sand and spread out facing the ocean. Lori, Emery, and I settled in and began moving and breathing in unison. I led them through about a half hour of poses. When we finished, Lori offered to share some stretches she runs her soccer players through. It was a great joint effort!

It wasn’t the yoga class I was expecting this morning, but it was a beautiful practice with new found friends.

This is my third year to participate in the Slice of Life Challenge. 31 days of writing about small moments in life. Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for hosting this challenge.

3 thoughts on “Yoga on the Beach #SOL22 Day 14

  1. Oh how I love this. When an older person (in this case woman weather by the sun – love that), I think of Kylene Beers’s “notice and note’s word of the wiser” strategy. YES – in my real life, not just in texts…your post reminded me that looking to those around us, we often find the answers and much needed connections! ❤

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