Sarah #SOL22

I looked over at her, asleep in the front seat after a night of celebrating the New Year with friends and saying her goodbyes. Car packed, we were on the road to Chicago to get her settled in her new home for the next four months. She would begin student teaching in a first grade classroom in Chicago Public Schools on Monday.

That’s when it struck me…Sarah. She was holding the ratty, faded blue, stuffed hippo tight in her arms while her head rested on a pillow. When did she become this young woman? Almost twenty two and the world at her fingertips? Wasn’t she just a six year old getting a Sarah as a birthday gift?

Sarah had always been there. Sleepovers with friends, summer camp away, her first year at college and then her apartments. Now Sarah was on her next adventure. You’ve got this, Gretchen (and Sarah!)

4 thoughts on “Sarah #SOL22

  1. What a lovely way to frame the transition to adulthood, by writing around that toy hippo, still there to offer comfort! Congratulations and much success to Gretchen – and many more adventures with Sarah! I imagine children would love to know Sarah’s stories. So much warmth here. šŸ™‚

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