If I Blink #SOL

my hands touch the warm rubber
hard, dried and cracking along the curves
I grab and pull back
one, two, threeee
my hand releases

if I blink, 
my mind transports to 20 years ago
our almost daily trips to this park
late mornings,to return home for lunch and naps

the rhythmic pushing 
feet high in the air
little fingers grabbing that same metallic chain

if I blink,
I see our red wagon filled with snacks and stuffed animals
and always pacifiers (extras just in case)
hands gripping the sides
bodies leaned back against the rails
traveling in style

chatter bounces around the playground
kids chase up, around, over, under
toddlers waddle with caretakers protecting their every move

if I blink,
you are exploring as hover and I predict your next step 
you are running to and fro
playing with friends, plotting your games

You've grown too old for this
I begin again with the next generation
But, oh how I savor the memories of old
if I blink

A morning at Donner with my great nephew

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