New Lunch Routine #SOL21


I impressed the button on the upper left side of my phone and the familiar image of my husband and I, arm and arm smiling, popped up.


A quick lift of the thumb brought up the home screen.


Three rolling sets of numbers appeared.


Up/down/up/down until it was just right. 0 hours 30 min 0 sec


My thumb tapped the start button.

30:00, 29:59, 29:58, 29:57

Today starts my new lunch routine. I ambitiously prepped five salad jars last night layered with made from scratch chili lime dressing, rotisserie chicken, cherry tomatoes, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and romaine lettuce. I painfully counted out 6 Triscuits. Is that really all there are in a serving size?? And threw in an apple for a little sweetness at the end. Lately, I’ve been having an internal debate about which variety of apples are the best. It’s always been Honeycrisp for me, but recently the Cosmic Crisp has pulled into the lead. This week, I’m having Honeycrisp since they were a tad cheaper at the grocery.


I move to the tall table in my office. Part of my new routine is that I will not eat at my desk and work. I am intentionally taking a 30 minute lunch away from the pull of school work. I shake my salad jar and coat the juicy chicken with the spicy dressing. Next, I dump my salad on a plate and begin loading my fork with a piece of chicken, tomato, lettuce. I strategically space out my Triscuits and savor each one.


I grab my apple and head out into the hallway. Finding the closest exit, I step into the open air. Ah, 68 degrees. A bit breezy, but I’ll take this any day. My feet pound the pavement as I walk 2 laps around the perimeter of the school building. Watching kids play on recess, observing the high school students rush to their cars on their way to lunch, hearing a few birds up in the trees. All sights and sounds to refresh my mind.


The apex timer plays. I scan the building for the closest entrance. Time to get back at it. I am ready for the second half of my day. A healthy lunch and 2,000 additional steps have given me renewed energy to make it the best afternoon available to me.

Additions for tomorrow: my book to read while I eat, walking shoes, an umbrella in case of rain, my earbuds to listen to a book or podcast while I walk, and the discipline to make this a habit.

9 thoughts on “New Lunch Routine #SOL21

  1. I like this new routine, and reading your thought processes as you prepare to make it a successful one. I have been thinking that I need to get up and walk around outside in the middle of the day, too–my library is smack in the middle of the building, not a window to be found to the outside world. A breath of fresh air would do me good!

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  2. How you structured sharing this routine using the stopwatch is really clever. I thought I would feel more pressure knowing the time was ticking down for you, but you paired it so well with calming images that I felt more at peace. I am glad that you have this time and I want to wholly acknowledge your intentionality with granting yourself these minutes just to be. Thank you for your slice – it has given me much to consider for my own lunches.

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