Snorkeling Haikus #SOL21

stoplight parrotfish

brownish camoflauge

surrounded by brilliant orange

fluttering by me

rainbow parrotfish

cartoonish blue mouth

marmalade head fading to

iridescent green

reef shark

majestic grey fish

your body moves side to side

propelled by your tail

blue parrotfish

feeding off algae

chisel teeth nibble coral

creates crackle sound

yellow tail snapper

beady little eyes

scanning surrounding water

nervously darting

queen angelfish

colors so brilliant

attracting tourists’ delight

beauty of the sea

11 thoughts on “Snorkeling Haikus #SOL21

  1. Beautiful pictures and words! I’ve been snorkeling a bunch of times and your stunning photographs bring it all back. My brother and sister-in-law live in Key West, and the first thing they’re doing after getting double vaccinated is to go snorkeling. He takes pics like these. Breath-taking! Thanks.

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