Waking Up with a Laugh #SOL21

Cheerful, tonal music began playing. Ugh, our first morning in the rental. What time is it? That dang Google Home system must have an alarm set on it. Not how I wanted to wake up on Spring Break, especially after the time change.

The evening before, after reading the “Welcome Book” we tried out the Google Home commands. “Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights.” What expelled from her black mesh mouth was something in another language…Japanese maybe. We played around and tried different commands. All with the same reply, something in another language.

Laying in bed, the music continued to play. We commanded Google, “Hey Google, cancel.” “Hey Google, snooze.” Only replies in a foreign language. I got out of bed. Went over to the speaker. Of course, no on/off button. I needed to unplug it. That required me pulling the bed out from the wall and contorting my body into an awkward shape to reach behind the bed. There, I finally got it. I walked and placed Google in the other room.

When I returned to the bedroom, the music was still playing. What was going on?!? Then my husband realized it was his phone. He set up the sleep tracker on his Apple watch the day before and didn’t know he was setting the alarm. We both had a good laugh. I, up for the day at 6:30, while he was able to roll over and go back to sleep.

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