But, let’s talk about your books… #SOL21

Packing for Spring Break, I was chatting with my friend about the expected weather and what clothes I planned to take. Then she stopped the conversation and said, “But let’s talk about what books you are taking.” She knows me well. I spend more time gathering my reading material than my outfits for a trip. Here’s the low down on what I’m taking this year.

The Vanishing Half—I’m over half way done with this book, so I will finish it before I move on to any other books. I’m definitely at the point where I don’t want to put it down. Stella and Desiree are black (light skinned) twins. They leave their town as teenagers and head to New Orleans. While there, Stella is able to pass as white. She ends up leaving New Orleans (without notice) for Boston with a white man. Desiree spends the rest of her life looking for Stella. Things start to get interesting when Desiree’s daughter and Stella’s daughter meet in Los Angeles.

The Four Winds—This is my next book club book. Our book club started in 2015, and our first book was Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale. We eagerly read The Great Alone in 2017, and couldn’t wait for The Four Winds to come out this year. I’ve saved the book for this trip, so I could give it my undivided-attention.

Why We Get Fat and What to do About It—Ever since hearing Gretchen Rubin talk about this book and interview this author, I knew I needed to read it. I want to make some changes with what I eat, and I know after I know the facts and science, I will be convinced to make a change.

When Stars are Scattered—This graphic novel has been on my to read list for many months. I’ve heard such great things about it. It may be out 4th quarter 4th-6th book club choice.

Garvey’s Choice— I’m reading this to help our 5th grade teacher prepare for a novel study for this quarter. It is a novel in verse, so I should be able to read it quickly.

Conscious Discipline—I’m reading this professional book with a group of colleagues. We have our final book study meeting upon return from break. I will read it a few sections at a time. It’s very dense with lots of great classroom application.

Not sure I can get all of these done, but I’m excited to try. I’m hoping to have several hours each day over break to read!

5 thoughts on “But, let’s talk about your books… #SOL21

  1. These look awesome! I keep saying VANISHING HALF just about everywhere, and I become more and more convinced that I should jump on the bandwagon. It sounds really good!
    WHEN STARS ARE SCATTERED is on my TBR pile for this next month! I can’t wait.

    Happy reading, and have fun!


  2. Vanishing Half is one I want to read but haven’t actually committed to yet…I think I might have to pick it up now that I see it’s on your list! Also When the Stars are Scattered was so good. ALSO I can’t wait to pick up Nikki G’s book. I enjoyed this slice. Do you use Goodreads? Maybe we can be friends? (elapizzostyle)


  3. It’s an interesting book list! I always pack more books than clothes, in case I suddenly need 8 things to read on a three day trip. It pays to be prepared! I was interested to see that you packed your work books as well as your fun books. I don’t have that much discipline for my vacation reading, so I am impressed.


  4. Almost impossible for me to not stop for a book slice. I always overpack book for trip.s But better to have too many that to wamt more. I listened to When Stars Are Scattered and loved it!


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