Soup Sunday #SOL21

Yesterday was the last soup Sunday of the season. Soup Sunday occurs every Sunday at the Bless household between Fall Break and Spring Break. Our evening meal is some type of soup usually paired with a bread. I always seek to try out a few new soup recipes each year. This year we tried a buffalo chicken soup that will stay in the rotation, and a hamburger soup that was a “once and done” recipe.

The first and last Soup Sunday of the season is usually a crowd favorite: Bless chili. My mother in law is famous for her chili recipe. It is always a hit at tail gate parties, post game celebrations, and family gatherings. My husband loves this chili and would eat it every week if I would make it. I’m surprised he didn’t write into our wedding vows that Bless chili would be made at least four times each winter.

Bless Chili

Brown 1 lb hamburger with salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar.

Drain grease and mix in minced onions, one packet of Brooks chili seasoning (original or hot if you like it spicy), and a can of tomato soup. Simmer on low while you prepare the beans.

In a blender, blend one can of Brooks chili beans until smooth. Add beans to the hamburger mixture. Thin out with V8 tomato juice. This is what make this chili different from most…you have the bean flavor without the bean texture.

Cook macaroni noodles; about 1 cup. Drain and add to the hamburger mixture. Continue to thin with V8 juice until desired consistency.

Top with Fritos, oyster crackers, sour cream, and shredded cheese.

The best part about Soup Sunday: it is usually followed up by desert. This week was apple pie a la mode. I’d say we went out with a bang this year!

10 thoughts on “Soup Sunday #SOL21

  1. I love soup! You remind me that it’s well worth writing about. I make a big batch of soup every Sunday in the winter and eat it for lunch all week long. I was stumped about what to make this weekend as I’ve finally grown a bit tired of my rotation. If I weren’t vegetarian, I’d definitely give your recipe a try. Your Sunday night winter soup and bread mix is a lovely tradition!

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  2. This sounds like a winning lineup fir meal prep! Do you have a spring to fall Sunday rotation of something besides soup? Like salads? Oh, what a great way to have a relaxing and satisfying tradition.


  3. This is an awesome Sunday tradition!

    I need to make one last pot of chili before spring arrives. (Thanks for the inspiration!) My husband and I love it. I’ve tried making it the summertime before, but it’s always felt out of place in my body.

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  4. What a fabulous tradition!!! I am absolutely borrowing this idea for next year. Buffalo chicken chili is a family favorite too; just had it last Thursday…ours is super spicy and warms all over. I’m excited to try the chili! Thank you!!

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    1. It’s one of the few traditions I have. Both of my kids are older and I think it is something they cherish and will do when they have families of their own.


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