Bottle Up the Moment #SOL21

  • little man in his khakis and two toned blue Columbia fleece jacket
  • stubby legs running, full of energy
  • tuft of blondish red waves of hair
  • crossing his arms emphatically
  • having a conversion with made up words
  • sneaking into the kitchen to investigate
  • What does a sheep say? “BAAAA”
  • What does a cat say? softly with a shy nod of his head “meeooow”
  • “Doggie” over and over
  • hugs and pats for Josie
  • grabbing a blanket to cover Josie “night night”
  • sending the cars flying on the laminate floor
  • attaching the trains and pushing them over the tracks
  • still loves the Baby Colors book; now knows many of the objects: ball, baby, doggie
  • finding the lids that match the toy tubs
  • sitting in the tub of books
  • pushing the tub around the house
  • fell down; brief tears and crying; quickly soothed
  • big hugs for us
  • wrestling him into his PJs
  • playing “boop” with the stuffed hippo; cracking up laughing

My nephew’s son, Hudson, is 20 months old. Their family relocated to our town when Hudson was 2 months old. It has been a joy to watch him grow and change. Sometimes I feel like as a parent I was not able to enjoy these stages (and I definitely didn’t write about them to keep them as a lasting memory). With Hudson, it’s been different. I am able to fully focus on him when I am with him. I can appreciate and notice the ways he is growing and learning. With COVID, we haven’t seen them as much, but when we do, I cherish our time together…I want to bottle up the moment.

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