My Mantra #SOL21

If you are like me, and most of the country, you are inspired by the work of Amanda Gorman. Her poetry from the inauguration and Superbowl moved me and deepened my belief in the power of words. I am compelled to read everything I can get my hands on that tells about her life. The Time magazine with Amanda on the cover is in my stack of Spring Break reads.

One thing I have learned about Amanda is that she recites her mantra with hand motions before she performs as a way to set her intention and steady her mind. She explains her mantra as part of her TED talk.

I am the daughter of black writers. We descended from freedom fighters who broke through chains and changed the world. They call me.

Amanda Gorman

This got me thinking about my life.

Whose shoulders do I stand on? My parents and extended family definitely laid the foundation for my life. I grew up learning the value of hard work, faith, dedication, honesty, frugality, and independence. My father was a teacher, and many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were also in the education field. At our annual family reunion, teaching is always a topic of discussion. I had many mentors right in my family to seek advice from as I navigated my first years of teaching.

What do I stand for? Making a difference in the lives of kids is my mission. I believe learning through books is a fundamental way to do this. Reaching all students through word and story are important to me.

Amanda Gorman’s inspiration and these thoughts have lead me to create my own mantra.

I come from a family of faith-filled educators who made this world a better place. I do that too, as I reach and teach young minds through the power of words. My work matters.

Jill Bless

Whose shoulders do you stand on? What do you stand for?

7 thoughts on “My Mantra #SOL21

  1. Amanda Gorman is a gift! Thank you so much for sharing her TEDtalk. I have it bookmarked and will hopefully watch it today. You have also given me a point of reflection and I love that you have constructed your own mantra. I am giddy with tasking myself with finding my own.

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  2. This is a powerful post! Amanda Gorman is so inspiring. I love how you led with the questions about whose shoulders you stand on and what you stand for. This is important work and you’ve inspired me to try my own mantra. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This is a wonderful post, you not only acknowledge your admiration for Amanda Gorman but you show us how you put her inspiring words to use in your own life! I want you to know that you have become the light for me by asking me, challenging me to do the same! This is wonderful teaching and writing!

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