Night Walks

The snow started to fall at about 5:00 pm. The giddy anticipation of a snow day was in the air. Even though in modern times a snow day equals elearning, my body is conditioned to wish for that text that says school is closed. I guess it’s like muscle memory…the snow starts to fall and the longing begins.

Later that evening, when my body is usually winding down for bed, my husband asks, “Want to go for a night walk?” My first response is, “It’s too late,” but the snow begs for us to tread through it. Our footprints, the first to break the surface of the pristine, white surface.

Josie senses the excitement coming as we layer up and put on our boots. She is twirling in circles in the entryway, almost 12 years old, but acting like a puppy. These are her favorite adventures. Unleashed and running, snout buried in the fresh powder.

As we leave the house, the calm settles over us. The only sound is the crunching of the snow beneath our boots. The only light is the bright reflection of the ground that leaves a pinkish hue in the sky. We tromp and tread and plod through the snowfield behind our house. Breathing in the beauty of a winter wonderland, thankful I ignored the thought of just staying in.

P.S. We did get the text school is closed.

4 thoughts on “Night Walks

  1. Your beautiful choice of words might just have inspired me to take a snow walk this evening! We are at school but snow is steadily falling. – Krista

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