Stolen Moments

This is not what a typical April 28th at 4:00 looks like. I had traveled the 40 minutes to my parent’s lake house to drop off some groceries and visit at a social distance. The sun was playing peek a boo with the clouds and the wind was intermittently gusting, but overall it was a beautiful spring day. My dad had gotten the kayak’s down, knowing I would probably want to go out on the lake.

“Do you want some company, or do you need some alone time?” my mom inquired. “I’d love some company.” I answered. We headed down to the dock doing the social distancing dance with wipes in hand. I wiped down the kayak and oar and hoisted myself down into the wobbly vessel. I paddled out into the cove to give my mom space to get situated in her kayak.

We paddled, rested, paddled, rested all the way around the lake. Talking about nothing much, but everything important at the moment…when the last time we washed our hair was, how our world would be different when we could go back to “real life,” cookie recipes, dinner plans, updates on people with the virus, admiring and critiquing the houses around the lake, upcoming doctor appointments.

It was a stolen moment. A gift. A way to make the most of this time of isolation and fear. A mother and her grown daughter getting an hour of time together that will always be remembered.

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