A Simple Treat #sol20

We were finishing dinner, yet already thinking about our evening snack. With the quarantine, cooking/baking and food in general has become an important focus of each day.

“We had ice cream last night, and I’m getting sick of peanut M & Ms,” my husband stated. Popcorn with plain M & Ms is another favorite, but doesn’t seem quite right if you aren’t watching a movie.

I think about my recent rampage at the grocery store and the supplies I gathered in a rush. “What about peaches and cottage cheese?” I suggest. The look on the kids’ faces! “Disgusting,” my son blurts out. I think back to my childhood and vaguely remember my mom making this simple, sweet treat.

So I text her: Did we used to have peaches with cottage cheese and nuts for dessert? Her reply: Half peach with cream cheese, a little peach juice and chopped pecans mixed. We just had that last week! Not cottage cheese…yuck!

After the evening walk and a little work time, I start making the simple treat. Two tablespoons of cream cheese, open the can of peaches, add two tablespoons of peach juice, a handful of chopped pecans, mix together. Spoon out several slices of peaches in a bowl (I didn’t buy halves, but will next time), top with the cream cheese mixture.

My first bite brought back instant memories of my childhood. The sweet, satisfying mixture was just what I needed to tide me over until breakfast. My husband was pleasantly surprised by the taste. And the kids? They wouldn’t even try it.

7 thoughts on “A Simple Treat #sol20

  1. Love your kids reaction. We baked some cookies last week and now they are almost gone so it is time to plan the next dessert – I think I’ll make some “bark” – cracker candy.

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  2. Hahaha! Gotta love those kids. Isn’t it funny how we will just remember certain things from childhood. I guess they fall under the heading of comfort food. I loved this post.

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  3. I have never heard of this treat. We gave up sweets for lent and have made an exception for Sundays now, but I feel we might deserve another treat day with everything going on!

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