Tomorrow #sol20

Dear Students,

Tomorrow you should be walking (though we know you rarely walk) through our doors. You should be sharing your spring break stories with us, or complaining about how you did nothing and missed us. You should be hugging friends you haven’t seen for over a week. You should be skipping down the hall, arm and arm with your bestie that you’ve missed so much.

Instead, you will be staying at home trying to navigate online learning while having a houseful of other learners and workers. Some of you will be heading to the waiting area at school at your scheduled time to pick up your device and other materials. Others will be at home with no resources to get the supplies you need. Many of you will wait in the car line to get your lunch from a brown sack.

No one wants this. We want you back at school. We want to see your smiling faces, and not just through a computer screen. We want to hear your grand ideas and attempt to answer your thoughtful questions. We want to be able to give hugs and high fives to welcome you back to your home away from home.

Tomorrow will be hard.

With Love,

Your Teachers

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