The Short Chair #sol20

The short chair usually sits at the kitchen desk with numerous bags hanging off of its sides–library bag, school bag, random bag from a recent purchase, purse. It is red with a wicker seat, nothing special. It usually sits unoccupied because the desk is not a working desk; it is just a storage spot for unopened mail, bills, to-do lists, receipts, etc.

But, the days the short chair gets used, it is for good reason. It means the whole family is at dinner. A table for 4. Not just 3 or 2. The colleger is home and the high schooler doesn’t have a better offer at the moment. When the kids were younger I used to complain about having to sit in the short chair. Of course, mom is in the short chair. Everyone else has a bar seat. Mom’s always sacrifice, don’t they? For now, I’m happy the short chair is in use. Sometimes one of the kids even volunteers to sit in the short chair, but I decline the offer. I like the short chair. It means everyone is home, under one roof. I think the short chair will be busy for the next several months.

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