Gratitude Countdown #sol20

It is hard to not get caught up in negativity with our current health crisis. I find fear rising up in me, difficulty focusing my thoughts, and a heightened frustration level. I came across some resources from the Calm App. One I found beneficial was their Gratitude Toolkit. Today I’m going to try the Gratitude Countdown, so here goes:

10 The comfort of my morning spot. I settle in the chaise part of the sofa with a furry blanket wrapped around my legs and my dog by my side.

9 My first cup of coffee. The perfect blend of Starbucks Pike Place and half and half. It is so satisfying and warms my soul.

8 Fresh fruit. Nature’s perfect gift of sweetness.

7 My breath. The calming effect of a deep breath in and a long exhale out.

6 My mom. She got me fresh eggs and milk and even baked me a coffee cake. You are never to old to need your mom.

5 A bright red cardinal. Their bold feathers against the grey of winter is stunning. I always stop and take notice of these beautiful birds and feel they are a special gift when I see one.

4 A long walk through the park. Even though the day is grey, I bundle up in my winter coat, hat, and gloves and plug into a podcast I’ve been waiting to list to. So freeing.

3 My school colleagues. I work with the absolute best people. The things they are doing to connect with their kids and the concern they have for their families is inspiring.

2 Hudson’s smile. My great nephew’s smile brightens my day. I saw a video of him today it brought me joy. I just wanted to reach out and touch him.

1 Technology. Technology is allowing us to connect in so many ways right now. I feel so fortunate for this. So grateful to those who are supporting this and providing resources for free.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Countdown #sol20

  1. It is always good to find things, to recognize our blessings. Attitude of Gratitude is definitely not a cliche in my opinion. Being grateful does something in the soul.

    #5 reminds me of when I was a little girl, and we would see a cardinal. We would watch it and yell, “Red Bird”, until it flew away and we could no longer see it. We were told they bring good luck.

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  2. I love your gratitude countdown! I totally identify with Hudson’s smile. I have grandsons that we only see on FaceTime now and our almost one year old tries to reach through the phone to get to us. Now I need to go look at the Toolkit.

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