Capturing a Moment in History

Kelly Gallagher shared lesson plans today encouraging students to capture this moment in their history. He wrote,

Years from now, our students’ children and grandchildren will ask them about this moment in time, and I want them to have a record of it. Their history.

I’ve thought a lot about this. How important it is to record the events, our thoughts, our feelings, our history. I think back to 9/11. My own children have asked me what things were like in the weeks after 9/11. I remember where I was when I heard about the Twin Towers, I remember that our football game that week was canceled, I remember how numb I felt, but I don’t remember specifics. Oh, how I wish I would have journaled my thoughts and feelings during that historic time.

Today I took some time to record what the last few days have been like. I’ve put in writing how my daughter’s college suspended in person classes for the rest of the semester, how restaurants have closed their dining rooms, how teachers are responding to e learning possibilities, how I was in a bit of a panic this morning and rushed out to buy gas and more groceries. I want to preserve these moments in history, so that one day when my grandkids ask what was it like during the coronavirus of 2020, I can look back at my notebook and remember these days.

5 thoughts on “Capturing a Moment in History

  1. You are capturing my sentiments exactly. We need to chronicle what it is like. Because we never thought we would be subjected to something like this. This is pre-penicillin days scary. Thank you for this post! And I love that you plan to look back in your notebook!

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  2. Great idea. When I started reading your post, I stopped midway and went to my virtual learning lesson planning book and wrote in one of our next assignments–to write in our dialogue journals. (My students and I communicate in these journals to share what’s on our minds. It was high time we wrote to each other after three weeks of learning virtually.) I came back to read the rest of your post. Maybe my lesson will develop as I continue to think about it, thanks to your great thoughts here. It would be fascinating to read your young thoughts about 9/11 today, wouldn’t it? I would like to see my girls’ young thinking then. They were just 8 and 10. All the best to you during these trying times. Writing heals and keeps us sane during difficult times. This blog is a great recorder of your thoughts, as well.

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  3. Have you watched Kelly and Penny’s video from yesterday? they are going to try this every day. I learn so much from them. I also want to start recording my thoughts and events. My kids are beyond the school years, but many of my friends have kids who experiencing some life disappointments right now. Enjoy this extra time with your daughter.

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