Reading Like a Writer #sol20

We are 14 days into the Slice of Life challenge, and I am learning so much about being a writer. I’m learning about finding stories in everyday life. I’m learning about looking for nuggets of ideas in my notebook when I’m struggling to find a slice. I’m learning how to give meaningful feedback as I think of feedback others have given me and how it pushes me along. I’m learning how to read like a writer.

I just started Susan Orlean’s The Library Book. I’m finding the content of the book fascinating, but just as important, I’m learning so much about writing through her craft. She begins each chapter with a list of library books that have the theme of the chapter in common. I find myself reading to find out the common thread with the books. Also, I have stopped several times to reread and study her phrasing and word use. This writing challenge has heighten my awareness as I read. I am looking for ways I can try things out in my writing that I notice other authors use. I know this is a practice I can use with students, as well.

5 thoughts on “Reading Like a Writer #sol20

  1. “I’m learning how to give meaningful feedback as I think of feedback others have given me and how it pushes me along.” Your slice was insightful as I have never thought about how this challenge could help me provide feedback for other writers, including my students. Thank you!

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  2. Yes, you have captured so well what it means to read like a writer. I like how you take the time to reread and figures things out. I have to admit I started that book and didn’t finish it. Maybe I should go back to it sometime!

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  3. I love that you are reading like a writer! It is true, once we begin to write we notice the world differently. Teaching kids to read like a writer through mentor texts, read alouds, and everyday reading is so important. When kids start to try writing like their favorite authors, not the stories but the style of their writing, their craft, it is beyond exciting!

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  4. I have The Library Book on my to-be-read shelf–this post makes me think I should pick it up next. I love how you articulate what you’re learning from this challenge. I definitely feel like I’ve learned those things too, but hadn’t articulated them in such a clear list as you did. The comment about giving helpful feedback really resonates with me. I think about it a lot.

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