For the Love of Libraries #sol20

First, we made the batter with flour, water, and salt. Then we took the almost limp dandelions, dipped them into the mixture, and dropped them into the sizzling pan. “You have to try one first,” I demanded with a slight grin. On our latest trip to the library, it was Kea’s idea to check out the recipe book on backyard foraging that contained the steps for dandelion fritters. She took a nibble. “Not horrible,” she replied. I took a small taste. Definitely not as bad as I expected. I guess anything with fried batter tastes okay.

Kea and I spent a lot of Saturdays and summer days at the public library. It was within walking distance, so it was accessible to two preteen girls with time on their hands. Our first stop in the library was usually to the magazine loft. Teen, Sassy, and Seventeen were some of our favorites. We read the articles, looked a fashion trends, but what really drew us in were the question and answer sections. We learned a lot about life in those magazines.

Then we would head to the young adult section to find the next stack of books to devour. Anything and everything by Judy Bloom or V.C. Andrews. Sometimes we would scour the shelves for other interesting books, insert recipe book for dandelion fritters. I look back and think of how I loved those trips to the library. Two best friends hanging out with books. My love for libraries started at a young age, and they are still one of my favorite places to be.

8 thoughts on “For the Love of Libraries #sol20

  1. I appreciate the introduction to a pleasant memory on this day of mixed emotions. Your description resonates and sounds familiar which is comforting, reminding me of all the times I enjoyed the library as a young person. Public libraries are remarkable institutions that serve our society in so many ways.

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  2. Your story made me recall the time my neighbor and her two children ate dandelions. They extended their foraging to crickets, too. They chose to purchase them from the pet store versus capturing them from their yard though. Libraries are wonderful places to frequent!

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