Our Daily Walk #sol20

Part of my blessed block is the route I take Josie on for our daily walks. The sidewalk that surrounds a piece of my neighborhood makes a perfect 1/4 mile rectangle. Just the right amount of space for a 15 minute jaunt to get some steps after dinner and give the dog some space to sniff, relieve herself, and stretch her rigid, aging legs. I try appreciate my surrounds every time we go on our outing.

Part of my block contains a piece of history. A National Historic Landmark. A work of design that people travel across many states to stand and see and photograph. I get to admire this structure everyday, in different shades of sunlight, moonlight, and cloud formation. With a spire that reaches to the heavens, it is breathtaking. I remind myself, Don’t take this view for granted. I often take pictures of this architecture to capture it’s beauty with the setting sun as a backdrop. But then I remember, I’ll get to see it again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the next tomorrow. It is a consistent piece of my daily walk, one I feel blessed to view everyday.

7 thoughts on “Our Daily Walk #sol20

  1. “Don’t take this view for granted.” That is so true.I am constantly taking pictures of my surrounds, even that which is familiar changes in perspective over time. The spire is impressive.

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  2. So often we become immune to what is around us and don’t really see what is right in front of us. Glad you take the time to notice and photograph what I am sure many just walk by.

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