And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico

The time is drawing near for our annual week long migration to the white sands of Florida. The beach calls to me in the short dreary days of winter, begging me to race there at my first available moment. There is something in that ocean air that relaxes me, refreshes me, and renews me as I prepare myself for the final push of the school year.

We are creatures of habit, so every year we do many of the same things. I love the structure of a beach vacation. The mix of resting and activity, the comfort of routine and with a little novelty thrown in. Here are a few of the things my mind keeps thinking about in anticipation of our trip:

  • unhurried morning coffee listening to the waves come in
  • reading and writing on the balcony overlooking the ocean
  • morning exercise of walking/running on the sidewalks lining the beach
  • unwinding in the hot tub
  • reading by the pool
  • lunch on the balcony
  • loading up for an afternoon at the beach
  • more reading, this time with my toes in the sand
  • happy hour in my beach chair
  • long walks along the edge of the rolling waves
  • little cooking and lots of eating out
  • yoga on the beach
  • bike ride to a quaint seaside town
  • maybe a hike, movie or shopping

Our family beach trips are a highlight of my year. It’s part of who we are and how we spend time together. The years we have stayed home or tried a different kind of trip just don’t seem right. This is a family tradition that has been a part of my life since I was a teenager, and I imagine it will continue until I retire and can spend more time by the sea.

Oh but ain’t that America, for you and me

5 thoughts on “And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico

  1. Me too! I love the beach and your list could be my list. I am retired and our annual beach trek is to the Outer Banks in September, which to us is the perfect time to go.
    We are on our way to South Carolina ostensibly for a wedding but also to enjoy warm weather, sand and sun.

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  2. Lovely slice, in its stillness, its calm and quiet. Exactly what one needs when ‘renewing oneself in preparation for the final push of the school year’. I love how you put that!

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  3. That is definitely a call that must be answered. It is nice to have something special that you look forward to each year. For us it is our annual birthday trip to New York to see some Broadway shows.

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