This year, I have combined two goal setting practices: one word and 20 for 20. For several years, I have selected one word as focus for the year. I’ve chosen relish, intentional, and others I can’t remember. (That shows it hasn’t been super impactful if I can’t recall the words!) Last year I tried 19 for 19 based on Gretchen Rubin’s idea in her podcast Happier. I think I was able to check 7 things off my list last year, which isn’t great, but is a start. So this year, I decided to merge the two! I have selected the one word connect and my 20 for 20 list ties to ways I can connect.

I am working to connect more with God, myself, my family, friends, teachers/students, and nature. One additional practice that I have incorporated is a monthly reflection with my word and my 20 for 20 list. It’s time to for my March reflection. How am I doing? What ways have I connected with myself and others? What things need to move to the top of my list?

Glows–writing everyday, started a blog, planned an outing with a friend, encouraged the new teachers and 5th grade team, planned a family vacation, volunteered at church

Grows–write a handwritten note to a friend, go hiking, set up a lunch with high school friends, memorize another verse,

Now off to make the most of this day and connect!

My early thoughts
My brainstormed list

9 thoughts on “Connect

  1. I love how you’ve combined one little word (which I sometimes do–not this year though) and Gretchen Rubin’s 20 for 20. I often feel like whatever I do with my one little word is too vague and abstract. I need concrete action steps! Your 20 for 20 list is the perfect solution! Hope you finds lots of opportunities to connect today!

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  2. I am not familiar with 20 for 20 and will look into it after reading your post. I do believe, however, that participating in this SOL Challenge should be it’s own column! You are reflecting, writing, observing, connecting, learning, reaching out, touching others… Wow, this list could go on and on! Congratulations for taking on this month of self improvement!

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  3. I am inspired. Focus on what you have accomplished- what accomplishments have added joy and satisfaction to your life. I have to been careful when doing this that I am not simply checking boxes. Quality not quantity…sometimes I am guilty. Thank you for your post.

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  4. Everyone needs to find a way that works best for them, whether one word or goals for different areas of life, vision boards or lists, or a variation or a combination of all of the above. And reflection in between is also necessary to keep the eye on the goal and adjust the plan when necessary. It’s great that you found a way that works for you and can celebrate your success.

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  5. You have reminded me! My OLW is self-compassion. I love the idea of focusing on connection. What could be more vital? Connecting inwardly and outwardly and nurturing the relationships. Sounds much healthier to me than a to-do list. Thanks for sharing.


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