You stole my peace
The ability to inhale a full breath
And release it without a weight on my shoulder
You're always there
Reminding me of the what ifs
You have taken away the freedom of forever
The idea that I could still be here at 98
You have replaced the ifs to when
Will it be 3 years, 10 or more
I feel you inside like a sleeping monster
Knowing that someday you will wake up
To wreck havoc in my life
But, wait...
You are with me in the fire, in the storm
I am never alone
You're fighting my battles while I sleep
You're protecting me
I take a deep breath of your Spirit
And feel the peace you bring
My dependence is on you
The what ifs diminish when I know you
Are with me every step

8 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. There is a reason Cancer is called “The Emperor of Maladies.” Your write so powerfully. I agree with Fran about the contrasting stanzas. Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. I read because of your title, it’s a journey you are not traveling alone. I understood as I read, “You stole my peace.” I smiled as I read your last stanza as faith is how you find the strength to keep going through the hardest days. I wish you strength, healing and peace.


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