One Blessed Block

Much of my life happens in a few block radius. You see, I live across the street from my school (I am actually sitting and looking at is a I write this blog.), one block west of our middle school, and caddy corner from our high school, where my husband teaches and coaches. My kids have spent their educational years one block from every school they have attended.

Simplicity matters to me. Low stress daily living matters to me. I love the thought that for a majority of my week I don’t need a car. What is it about cars that raises my blood pressure? I love that I step out my front door every morning, lunch box and school bag on my shoulder, I walk one block, and Tom (my friendly crossing guard) is there to guide me across the street to my school.

I feel blessed that this is my life. I have walked to more football games, basketball games, track meets, open houses, etc. than I could count. I have run home when I’ve forgotten something, provided a key when someone has be locked out, checked on a sick child during my prep, and so much more. I am beyond thankful that I live my life on One Blessed Block.

My second home

28 thoughts on “One Blessed Block

  1. A perfect first blog post and slice! I lived just a few blocks from my first school, and I often walked home. But to have your whole family in one block is certainly a blessed block!

    I am so excited you have made this leap! Here’s to a month of writing with you! Cheers!


  2. This really reminds me of my neighborhood growing up. I lived 2 blocks from my elementary and middle schools, so I always walked or rode my bike. And I now live behind my school, so it’s a quick motorbike ride or walk to school, which is a blessing when you live in the city known for the worst traffic in the world! Happy SOL writing challenge…best of luck this month!


  3. Welcome and Congrats on your first blog & first post! Wow! I thought I had a quick commute to work, but you have me beat! Lol. I love your reflections about where you live and the sense of community you described within your block. It truly sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing.


  4. That’s incredible that you can walk to so much in your life. I felt a bit like that when I lived in NYC. Everything I needed was two miles (by the way of the crow) from my front door. And, like you, I loved that I didn’t have to drive (I could walk or take mass transit everywhere.)!

    Welcome to the SOLSC! I think you’ll find this community warm and supportive.


  5. Wow! I felt calm just reading about your one blessed block. I’m always in awe of how varied we human’s lives can be. Thank you for sharing your story! I love how you composed it!


  6. Welcome!! Your first slice wonderfully captures how important simplicity is to you and how much joy there is in having a whole life revolve around one block. I think I’ve always commuted to work (60 miles currently), and I long for a walking distance commute. Maybe someday!


  7. Welcome to the SOLSC. Sounds like an ideal block on which to live. It is nice to have a comfort zone where so much is within reach. Happy slicing.


  8. Congrats on your first blog post. This is perfect and I love the emphasis of simplicity. Although I have a commute, my needs are simple and that works for me. Have fun with this challenge! Looking forward to more from you!


  9. Welcome to slicing! You’re already finding stories all around. I love the idea of one blessed block. I too, have most of my life happen in a few square mile radius, and I am envious of your blessed block. You’re going to love the challenge. It’s amazing. 🙂

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  10. Hi! I’m Tracy! I live about 15 minutes from my school. I admit there are definitely times when it would be convenient to be closer! Sometimes, though, I enjoy the drive home to clear my head and relax a bit. It all depends on the day!


      1. By the way, welcome to the challenge! Our mutual friend, Leigh Anne, mentioned that we share a state. I’m from east central Indiana. It’s always good to see other Hoosiers writing and sharing!

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  11. Such a positive slice to start the month. Welcome to this writing community! We may be oceans apart (I am in Estonia) and it still feels like we are just around the corner. I hope you will enjoy this month of writing.

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  12. First off, welcome! Yay you for publishing your first blog! I love that you have a blessed block – it’s full of simplicity, family, friends, and I am sure fun! Can’t wait to hear more slices from your blessed block!


  13. Welcome! From your first #SOLSC slice (and comments) I know that you are from Indiana, you live a block from all the K-12 schools, you love simplicity, and the proximity of the schools for the connectiveness in your life. BRAVO!

    You are off to a great start! ❤

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